Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nathan was a Skeleton and Kirsten was a Ghost!! Happy Halloween!:) 

                                                     Yon Farms: picking out pumpkins
                                                                          Hay Ride
                                                        Decorating Haunted Houses

Nathan at the School Parade

Saturday, August 4, 2012

 Tahquamenon Falls State Park!!

We decided to go see the water falls today. They are beautiful!!  We went to the upper falls first which you can go on a walk and see. We climbed up and down 210 stairs to see the different views of the falls. I know because we counted and their were signs. 

Then we drove to the lower falls. You can rent a boat for 15 dollars to get across the river and walk and see all 5 of the lower falls. They were very pretty but hard to get pictures since people were swimming in them.

                               If you look close you can see the kids behind this falls.



                                  I really look forward to getting some pictures in the fall
                                                           as the leaves change!! :)

This was in the town of Paradise. We saw many people taking pictures here so Kirsten had to also. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Touring around in Michigan! 

We went and saw mackinaw City and St. Ignace today! Very pretty towns. Toured the old USCGC Mackinaw. Played at the St. Ignace town park, water pad and saw both light houses. We also walked up many stairs to the top of Castle Rock. Very fun day!:)

                                                         Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

                                                               St. Ignace lighthouse

                                                           Playing at the water pad
                                                                         Drying off

 Castle Rock 

Monday, July 30, 2012


They have much bigger rides and scarier then MOA. We had a blast and I gave in to one of the scary roller coasters. It was a great day!:) 

This swing went way up in the sky. Nathan asked daddy to go with him and of course K wanted to go too. 
                                               Slushes to cool off. It was in the 90's!
                                                  The scary Renegade Roller coaster.
Snoopy and Sally took a picture with us! It was funny because after this picture Sally gave Kirsten a hug and wold not let go of her. Kirsten looked a little worried but laughed in the end.
                                          Nathan and his cool tattoo he picked out.
                                              Kirsten asked for a feather in her hair.